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Zhongde Shan
Zhongde Shan, Ph.D
State Key Laboratory of Advanced Forming Technology and Equipment, China Academy of Machinery Science and Technology,
TEL: +86-10-88301815
FAX: +86-10-68340825

Professor  Zhongde Shan, Ph.D. Candidate Supervisor. Vice President of China Academy of Machinery Science and Technology Group Co., Ltd. Director of state key lab of advanced forming technology & equipment of China. He is a recipient of National Outstanding Youth Fund,vice general president of China Association of Machinery Manufacturing Technology, Fellow of Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society, Fellow of the Institution of Engineering and Technology of UK. Guest Professor, POSTECH of South Korea, et al. Graduated from Department of Mechanical Engineering, Tsinghua University in 2002, then he studied in CARDIFF University of UK as a visiting scholar.
He has long been engaged in the research of Advanced Manufacturing Technology and Equipment for the Mechanical Industry. More than 40 state-level key projects have been finished. He has issued 4 books and more than 100 papers on core journals or at the international conferences. More than 80 invention patents including in 32 international patents were authorized. Many awards and honorary titles of the scientific research national and provincial-level incentives were won, such as The First Prize of National prize for progress in science and technology, The Second Prize of National Technology Invention Award, The First Prize of Science and Technology Award in Green Manufacturing, and so on. More than 10 pieces developed technology and equipment have been applied in mechanical industry.

Digital Hybrid Forming Manufacturing Technology & Equipment Based on Patternless Casting
Green Manufacturing is a kind of the advanced manufacturing technology with the environment implications and resource efficiency. Many developed countries have focused on the intelligent green technology innovation. The characteristics of the green hybrid forming manufacturing are as follows, near-net & precision shaping, short cycle & high efficiency, lightweight forming and non-pollution emission & clean manufacturing, and so on. How to manufacture metal castings with  digital, low-cost, high-quality, high-efficiency and green? Multi-material and multi-process hybrid patternless casting forming method was put forward. It realizes the transform from  pattern sand casting to patternless sand casting for foundry industry. Series of digital precision forming Pattern-less Casting machines such as sand mould digital flexible extrusion equipment, digital sand machining forming machine, sand cutting & printing machine, have been developed.  To improve the machining accuracy and surface roughness,avoid the collapse of thin wall sand mold, the sand cutting force model has been created. And the influence law of sand cutting mechanism and cutting performance is obtained. By testing and analysis different extrusion strength, spindle speed, feeding speed, cutting width and depth, the optimal process parameters of compound forming have been studied.  Case Studies of Hybrid Forming Technology were listed. Type SMM5000 - CAMTC forming machine has forming sand mould with 5000 mm × 3000 mm × 2000 mm. The method realizes the fast, efficient, environmentally friendly, precision forming manufacturing of metal parts with complex shape.

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