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Matthew Mail
Matthew Mail, Master
Scientific Application Specialist, CELLINK

Matthew Mail graduated from Osaka University with a master in chemical engineering. He researched bioink formulation and ECM materials in 3D tissue engineering applications. The focus of his research was in developing biomimetic muscle models using murine myoblast cells. Matthew also helped with the development of a new 3D bioprinting method using enzymatically crosslinked hydrogels and studied the attachment mechanobiology of 3D myoblasts based on ECM properties. Matthew has a passion for the biotechnology field and joined CELLINK as a Scientific Application Specialist, where he hopes to help build the future of medicine.

Bioinks for 3D Bioprinting of Biomimetic Tissue Models

3D Bioprinting has gained attention in tissue engineering due to its ability to spa-tially control the placement of cells, biomaterials and biological molecules. The development of new hydrogel bioinks with good printability and bioactive proper-ties has made it possible to 3D bioprint and accelerate the maturation of complex 3D tissue-like models. Bioprinting technologies developed by CELLINK, including 3D bioprinters and bioinks , are being applied to regenerative medicine to address the need for tissues and organs suitable for transplantation, cell-based sensors, drug screening models, and tumor models. These bioinks are optimized for print-ability, cell viability, and cellular expression, and are made from a range of syn-thetic, natural, and ECM based biomaterials. The current design strategy for bi-oinks is to create environments that support specific cell types or functionalities, while mimicking natural tissues.
This includes our CELLINK LAMININK series, which contains five tissue-specific bioinks based on laminin proteins that mimic the basal lamina of natural tissue.
More information will be demonstrated during the presentation, including CELLINK’s latest advances in bioinks and biomaterials, and data from our research collaborators.
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