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Deyuan Zhang
Deyuan ZHANG, Ph.D
the Bionics and Micro/Nano/Bio Manufacturing Technology Research Center,Beihang University

Professor, the director of the Bionics and Micro/Nano/Bio Manufacturing Technology Research Center in Beihang University. His research fields include the bionic-bio-manufacturing and the ultrasonic processing technology. Professor Zhang is one of the sponsor members of International Society of Bionic Engineering, director of Biological Manufacturing Branch, and committee director of Ultrasonic Machining from Non-traditional Machining Branch in Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society (CMES).  He has undertaken more than 10 key projects from the National 863 Program, the National Natural Science Foundation and the General Armaments Department.  Professor Zhang has published more than 300 papers and filed more than 40 patents. He has been honored with one International Invention Exhibition Gold Medal and five provincial science & technology progress awards.  Professor Zhang is the supervisor of one Top100 national excellent doctoral thesis, and also the corresponding author of a paper published on Nature.

Biomimetic anti-slipping surface design of surgical instrument

Prevention of soft tissue injury is very necessary for surgery, especially minimally invasive surgery. Clipper or scalpel, in general, is hold tightly to prevent slipping of soft tissue, which usually leads to tissue injury.  Several researches have demonstrated that surface micro-pattern have great impact on their functions such as anti-slipping and anti-adhesion. How to design and fabricate upon surgical instrument is gradually becoming an important research topics.  Nature surface has been evolved to hierarchical structures with superior function, which is regarded as treasure vault for inspiration of biomimetic surface.  In this paper, we investigated the anti-adhesion and anti-slipping of Nepenthes mirabilis and pad of tree frog on basis of SEM images, and unveiled the structural effect on their surface function.  Especially, the unique microscale fluid behaviour was discovered by investigation on the bio-inspired surface structure.  Apart from the design of biomimetic surface, their fabrication of complicated surface structure of surgical instrument was exploited and their efficiency was validated by performing experiments of soft tissue.
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