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Xiaolin Tu

Xiaolin Tu Ph.D.
Laboratory of Skeletal Development and Regeneration
The Institute of Life Sciences
Chongqing Medical University 

Research area:

1) In-depth study of bone development and homeostasis maintenance molecular mechanism
2) Molecular basis of fracture nonunion and nonunion and its prevention and treatment
3) Molecular and cytological mechanisms of bone loss caused by weightlessness and its prevention and treatment
4) Three-dimensional printing of stem cells and bone organ construction and its application in the treatment of bone defects
5) Stem cell differentiation, lineage transformation and the regulation of osteogenesis
6) The relationship between bone and aging
7) Biomechanics and bone

Study of osteocytic Wnt-Jag1 niche on the biofabrication of stem cell-derived organoid bone with dual biological function

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Key Dates
   Deadline for Submission of Abstract:
  October 31, 2018
   Notification of abstract acceptance:
   November 15, 2018